Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mental Illness

People with mental illnesses are all around us and we don't notice. But the article, Mental illness sans cliches by Susan Brink, has an intention. Her intention is to inform people about mental illnesses and she lists some examples from tv shows that do this. In the article, she mentions shows like Monk, The Sopranos, and Cold Case. Page 2, paragraph 4 says, "Truthful portrayals of mental illness and its treatment may be getting better, but television still has a long way to go." This means that tv shows are getting better at showing mental illness properly, and that the treatments are realistic and possible. With this article by Susan, we wouldn't be sure that tv is portraying mental illnesses better. Also in page 2, the last paragraph, it says, "If a guy like Monk can make it through the day, and capture the bad guy to boot, just think what any of us might do." Susan's saying that if someone with a mental illness can triumph, then think what we can do. Page 1, paragraph 2 states, "...they are also lawyers, doctors, mobsters and detectives -- not always lovable folks, but increasingly understandable human beings." This states that people with mental illnesses can be anyone, especially ones with tough jobs. So, Mental illness sans cliches by Susan Brink, has an intention to inform people about mental illnesses, and how tv shows portray them, and how they live with it. Even though some people have a mental illness, it doesn't make them any less than others.