Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lord of the Flies Ch 6 Figurative Language

"... but there were other lights in the sky, that moved fast, winked, or went out..." (95)

Image result for shooting star and moon on the beach

The light is being personified from this quote because it is given human-like qualities. Golding uses this figurative language at this time to show the light in the night sky as something more. Since it is World War II in the book, the lights in the sky is not only the stars, but it is planes being shot down in battles overhead. Golding was using light in the night sky to personify not only the stars, but the shot down planes. I chose this image to best reflect the quote because it has a shore as the book does. There's also a light that is moving downwards like a star, or in this case, a plane serving their country one last time.

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